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  • By Tech Week
  • May. 16, 2017

SoftOne Technologies is helping you change the way you run your business by joining this year’s Bucharest Technology Week Business Summits! Transfer from information to innovation using, enterprise mobility and cloud computing solutions, regardless of your company size or industry of involvement.

SoftOne Technologies @Bucharest Technology Week 2017
SoftOne Technologies will give the Bucharest Technology Week participants and visitors a glimpse of how they can change the way of doing business, using next generation professional solutions that are fully configurable, accessible from every corner of the world, from any device, whenever you need it. Cloud and mobile business solutions bring considerable added-value and prove to be a game changer for enterprises. Solid SaaS solution help reshape the business model of companies that are looking to leverage the most effective, yet economical solutions and drive future growth.

Soft1 Cloud ERP
SoftOne’s cloud-based ERP is a next generation ERP solution that simplifies every part of your operations, taking complexity out of your business and helping you see only the information you need in order to make informed decisions.
Specially designed for the mobile generation of users, Soft1 Cloud ERP revolutionize the way your executives and teams work, connect and engage with your customers, suppliers and business partners. The award winning Soft1 ERP is so much more than an enterprise resource planning system. Available in the Cloud or on-premise, it provides you with everything you need to better manage your entire business.

Soft1 Cloud CRM
Soft1 CRM brings your customer information in one place and leverages that data to help you market, sell and support your customers more effectively. You are now able to reduce your operational costs while your sales people sell more, your managers know more and your customers enjoy amazing services.
Soft1 Cloud CRM offers your sales team all they need to efficiently manage existing and prospective clients at all times, from anywhere, using any movbile device.


Enterprise Mobility is available for every business in Romania
Put your business in motion with SoftOne’s innovative mobile solution. Soft1 360 is an out-of-the-box mobile solution that accelerate productivity within your company. It assists your people work more effectively and collaborate better, wherever they are regardless of device.

Soft1 360 enhances the flexibility of use and the availability of critical business information from anywhere. Soft1 360 fully adjusts to your business and industry needs, as well as to each user’s role requirements, bringing increased workforce productivity on the go.
Soft1 360 is easily implementable in all Soft1 installations, regardless of their operating model (on-premise or in the cloud).

Become a SoftOne partner!
SoftOne delivers all business solutions throughout a global channel of over 300 partners that resell our products to small, mid-size and large companies that want to innovate and grow their business in an organic and innovative way.
SoftOne Partners Program provides you with a unique opportunity to differentiate your business and drive growth and profitability for your company.

Join the program and realize the strength of one of the most innovative software brands behind you. Take advantage of SoftOnes’ cutting-edge technology, training, business tools and support, and set your business apart from the competition. Provide your customers with enhanced productivity by bringing together world-class products and services, with highly advanced technologies that leverage the open Soft1 Platform.

Change the way you do business TODAY!
SoftOne business software solutions offer business innovation benefits available for all companies in Romania.
We know how hard it is for entrepreneurs to win on a market where they compete with the big players, so at SoftOne Romania our mission is to help companies innovate, expand and grow from their first years of activity, giving them a huge advantage and the best resources available on the IT market. All SoftOne solutions are meant to help you change the way you do business!

Check-out our clients and case-studies HERE.

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