Zanzee Bar (Veranda Mall, 1st floor)

Skills for Tomorrow: coworking with AI

  • Date: 23 May
  • Hour: 18:30

For a few years now, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has impacted the work field. Many jobs have been automated, and many students had to find out the hard way that the jobs they were preparing for can now be done better and cheaper by AI. So what skills should we teach teach and develop in the children, in order to prepared them for the jobs of the future? What jobs can we do so that AI will enhance them, not replace them? These are only a few of the talking points of our event. Come join the conversation! The discussion will be followed by VR experiences, provided by The VR Cinema, for all attendees.

The event is held at Zanzee Bar (Veranda Mall, 1st floor) in collaboration with The VR Cinema.


About the speakers:

Radu Uszkai is Doctor of Philosophy, with a special interest in game theory and it’s use in Economics and Politics. He currently works as a researcher at CCEA and also as a TA at The Bucharest University of Economic Studies, where he teaches Philosophy and Business Ethics.


Marcel Bartic is a History Teacher with more than 10 years experience and for the past years has served as the Director of Little London Academy. He is interested in the history of mentality and is focused on the use of technology in education.

For any inquires about the event, please contact the event`s organizer.

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