Pluralsight Author, Trainer, Consultant


Roland is a Microsoft MVP enjoying a constant curiosity around new techniques in software development. His focus is on all things .NET and browser technologies.


As a long-time trainer, he leads many courses on these topics and speaks about them at international conferences. He is also a well-known Pluralsight author. The word that comes to mind when he thinks about software development is passion!


15:15 - 16:00
18 May - .NET Summit

Like a Fish in Water with ASP.NET Core

This session will bring you up to speed with all the goodness of ASP.NET Core using a practical, demo-first approach: I'm going to show you how to build an application for monitoring a fish tank!

This ASP.NET release has the best new features seen in a long time. It not only supports development for a lightweight version of .NET called .NET Core, which I will also explain in detail, but for the first time you can also target non-Windows platforms. You will learn how this all works while I show you the internals of the fish tank app. You’ll also see how the framework has become better with tag helpers, view components and many more cool features. You'll leave with the urge to start developing with this beautiful framework and with a good understanding about what this new technology brings to the table.