Chief Software Architect and Consultant

Raffaele Rialdi

Raffaele Rialdi is a senior Software Architect working as a consultant, speaker and trainer.


Since 2003, he is a Microsoft MVP in the Developer Security category. His passion for the community brought him to be a member of the board of UGIdotNET, president of DotNetLiguria and co-founder of the Italian C++ user group. He is currently working as an architect and developer on the backend of an enterprise project with a specific focus on code generation and working on cross-platform mobile and IoT development in both C# and C++ languages.


16:00 - 16:45
18 May - .NET Summit

Leverage the power of NetCore and netstandard in production

The golden rule is never touching the code that works. But we also know that software is never finished, the evolution may be required for security reasons, feature requests, performance or cpu power/cost optimizations.
The new netstandard is here to consolidate the precious binary contract of the code and NetCore in a great opportunity to unlock the power of your app going cross-platform, improving the interoperability and taking advantage of package driven development.
But life in production goes well beyond the demo code, and for this reason I want to talk and discuss about my experience of the projects I migrated on netcore.

- Understand what are netstandard and NetCore and how do they differ from .NET classic
- How to prepare the .NET classic code that in the middle/long term will be ported to NetCore
- What are the potential roughness of porting a real project from .NET classic to NetCore