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From revolutionary smart home systems to voice controlled robotic arms, drones and full VR experiences, Pulsar Technologies is bringing the future to you now with groundbreaking technologies.


We deliver the easiest to use, most automated and highest quality solutions possible to our consumer with highly sophisticated technologies. Products like iHouse, our revolutionary smart home system, Arm One, the Arduino compatible, voice controlled robotic arm, G-Force VR, the massive success of our company and Push Ups, our workout app built for you, they all enhance your life experience at all levels: comfort, security, entertainment and health.


Pulsar Technologies offers high quality software and hardware products at very affordable prices for our consumer: from smart home systems to robotic arms, software for drones, VR games and intelligent wallpapers.


Some of our most successful products are:

iHouse – the smart home & home automation hardware project. iHouse is a very practical, intuitive and super easy to use system that takes the concept of Smart Home & Home Automation to a whole new level. The system consists of several wireless modules that communicate with a central hub and lets you control your TV, Home Cinema, lights, smart light bulbs, gates, locks, sensors and alarms right from your smartphone.




Arm One – the most affordable, industry level robotic arm for your desktop. Compatible with a large variety of technologies, like Arduino, LEGO Mindstorms, popular WiFi and Bluetooth modules, Arm One is a robotic arm with voice commands, perfect for learning robotics, but also perfect as personal assistant. Do you need help in you rprojects? Arm One will help you. How? You decide! We have plenty of Open Source examples that makes the coding process easier for you.


Arm One


G-Force – the ultimate VR mobile game offers a breathtaking flight experience with the most advanced jets in the world. Flight formations, superb landscapes and challenging missions are waiting for you!


Active Desktop – natural, living, windows style animated wallpapers app. Active Desktop is a technology that allows you to change and animate your desktop background with beautifully designed intelligent wallpapers with fluid animations.


active desktop

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