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The meta-application: lessons learned from automating big data

Date: 23 May

Hour: 15:00 - 16:15

Athénée Palace Hilton

Bigstep was created by passionate IT&C and big data professionals. With an R&D team located in Bucharest and dual headquarters in Chicago and London, Bigstep has become a well-known name on the EMEA and US profile markets, offering infrastructure services optimized for big data workloads.

Bigstep enables organizations to effortlessly create and scale secure, cost-effective and high-performing big data architectures. From the underlying bare-metal infrastructure to a fully integrated data processing ecosystem, Bigstep empowers companies to make sense of their data and save company time and resources.

Software defined bare-metal infrastructure
The performance of bare metal, combined with the flexibility of the cloud

IT infrastructures are under increasing pressure to change and adapt quickly and reliably at any time. Our infrastructure is dynamic, on-demand and truly scalable. With Bigstep, you can deploy completely dynamic private bare metal environments, on demand. Bigstep Metal Cloud provides all the performance and security of the bare metal combined with the flexibility of the virtual public clouds.

Bigstep completely automates infrastructure and software integration, deployment and scaling, configuration and tuning, dependency management, application interconnection and upgrade management. Automation provides unparalleled benefits in terms of performance and price to performance ratio.

Alex Bordei

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