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We are a pioneer of the e-commerce market in Romania and we aim to become the biggest online shop in Central and Eastern Europe. With 4 offices in Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Poland, we have a clear drive for an always improving customer experience. We bring value to our customers by saving them time and money, and we continuously invest in services based on technologies developed in Romania and Poland.


Our eMAG story began in 2001. We knew even back then that it is essential to anticipate the customers’ needs and pay attention to their every visit on the website. We built the platform with this state of mind. We developed constantly; we diversified the offer for our clients by adding new categories: phones, electronics, home appliances, we increased our team and we learned a lot.


We brought all our major shopping events: Crazy Days, Prices Revolution, Stock Busters and, last but not least, Black Friday, and today we are among the most popular local online shops. Bulgaria’s success gave us the confidence to enter the Hungarian market in 2013 and since 2015 we are also present in Poland.


Beyond the eMAG ecommerce business, there are over 50 apps that are successfully used in all four countries where we have offices: Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Poland. These range from the eMAG ecommerce platform, warehouse management and product documentation apps to those used for marketplace, call center services and even our own search engine, called ELISSE.


Most of our development is done in-house, by a community of passionate programmers, who love what they do and are always on the lookout for the latest technological advancements. We learn every day whether from our experience, from each other, through self-teaching or from training programs. In addition, we play with all kinds of cool concepts. We have our own Hackathon and we’ve assembled a team to develop projects with latest technologies through eMAG Labs.


At the core of this complex ecosystem, lays as king, PHP, the programming language most of our back-end developers use. So sponsoring the PHP Summit came natural to us. We want to keep in touch with the industry and give the ones passionate about it the context to meet each other, meet us and of course network with international leaders.

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