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Dr. Reza Moussavian

SVP HR Digital & Innovation

Dr. Reza Moussavian, Senior Vice President of the HR division “Digital & Innovation “, and his team are the central point of contact at Deutsche Telekom AG for any inquiries related to digitalization and innovation in the HR sector. Since its establishment in April 2016, the division successfully introduced new tools like a leadership-app, digital collaboration, innovation methods, future work, top management innovation formats and exploration of new technologies for Deutsche Telekom AG. Before taking the lead for the HR division “Digital & Innovation”, Dr. Moussavian ran its predecessor named “Shareground” that focused on implementing a culture of innovation throughout Deutsche Telekom.

Prior to joining Deutsche Telekom AG, he worked as managing partner at Detecon, the subsidiary digital consulting company of Deutsche Telekom. He was responsible for establishing new telecommunication companies and transforming established ones in the Middle East and Africa. Furthermore, his career path included positions at IBM and PWC. He completed his doctorate degree in innovation management in South Africa after studying business administration in Cologne, Germany.

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09:30 - 10:15 24 May
The role of HR in the Digital Age.
More and more HR leaders and experts talk about technology, but only few HR practitioners apply it and transform HR accordingly? The transition period we are in, towards Industry and Work 4.0, does not provide yet no best practices or blueprints. And rising complexity may prevail from such. Dr Reza Moussavian, SVP HR Digital & Innovation, shares the approach how Deutsche Telekom’s HR is tackling the digital transformation of and by HR – from vision and strategy up to numerous work examples from a new and digital HR: disruptive business strategy definition, ambidextrous leadership development, digital collaboration and learning, innovation culture, new work.
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