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David Passiak

Author Empower: How to Co-Create the Future

David Passiak is a keynote speaker, innovator, futurist, and author of three books – Empower, Disruption Revolution, and Red Bull to Buddha. A former religion scholar who did Ph.D. studies at Princeton on “Great Awakenings,” his work focuses on building movements, co-creation, crowd-based innovation, and emerging business models that will reshape the global economy.

Cocreatethefuture is a boutique consultancy headed by David Passiak who leads a small team of highly skilled marketing, finance, management, and consumer psychology/behavior consultants who support him in producing talks, workshops, and holistic, socially contributory, and purposeful solutions for C-level clients to prepare their organizations to navigate imminent exponential change, plan for and build innovation competencies, and leveraging opportunities of emerging crowd-based abundance.

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16:45 - 17:30 23 May
Co-Creating the Future
This keynote is based on David’s latest book Empower: How to Co-Create the Future exploring the impact of the collaborative economy, autonomous world, and how innovation can be a force for social good.

In a world that is constantly changing, we need to approach the future like we are building a movement. It is not enough to think about how to protect our individual jobs from automation or save our companies from disruption. We must connect our efforts to a greater purpose, shared goals, and a global community committed to building a collaborative society

Giving first and helping others is not only the right thing to do; in fact, it is also the key to successful leadership. Supportive work environments encourage sharing of ideas, make employees happier, and allow organizations to better serve their customers. This talk will help you understand how to tap into the power of the crowd and participate in co-creating the future.
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