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Daren Pickering

Innovation Architect

Daren has over two decades of experience in the world of IT and has been responsible for inventing, designing, developing, delivering and product managing several innovative technology solutions during that time for e-commerce, mobile payments, media and education.


Daren has been with Worldpay for two years, working closely with internal teams and external organisations to create proof-of-concepts and live pilots from original ideas and inventions.


Whilst at Worldpay, Daren has been involved with running a number of innovation projects including novel ideas such as contactless donations for charities, biometric authentication, and mobile points of sale for stadiums.


Prior to Worldpay, Daren was with Proxama for three years where he ran research and design projects for a large number of organisations including banks, card schemes, mobile network operators, hardware manufacturers and the GSMA. These projects harnessed technologies such as contactless mobile payments, digital coupon/loyalty redemption, and Trusted Execution Environments.


Daren’s role in Worldpay involves developing new inventions for Worldpay, working with interesting start-up organisations, and developing relationships with technology companies that compliment or enhance Worldpay’s range or products and services.

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12:00 - 12:30 23 May
Rise of the Robots
You may not have noticed it happen but we are already in a world where we interact with robots on a daily basis. From automated call centre services and virtual assistants on our phones, through to fully automated production lines, artificial intelligence (AI) is all around us.

Robots are built to carry out jobs that would normally be performed by people. Jobs in industries such as manufacturing, hospitality, food and beverage, education and in the medical profession. There are even companies that are creating robot companions for people, with the aim that they will effectively become new family members (no, we are not making this up).

Daren Pickering from Worldpay’s Technology Innovation team will talk about the impact robots are having on fintech and commerce and how AI is shaping our future.
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