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# Ambassador of Cold Calling #Author of The Cold Call Bible #Cold Call Master #Inventor of an international new business tactic
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Daniel Francès

New Business Expert

Daniel Francès knew since a young age that he was good in connecting / interacting with people. He used that trade in his sales-career….and still does!

Beginning his sales-career in New York City, he became first acquainted with the wildly successful phenomenon of cold calling, and was both intrigued and inspired. He immediately internalized this form of marketing as second nature, and honed his skills in breaking down the proverbial door.
After years of fine tuning his craft and capitalizing on his talent for engagement, humor and true passion for the art, Daniel became a master of the Cold Call. In 2010, obsessed with inspiring and training others to master the often-elusive Cold Call, he wrote The Cold Call Bible and established
The Cold Call Company, an international firm dedicated to embracing – guess what? The Cold Call.

Today, Daniel “reinvented” his company, that is called Always New Business, which includes all aspects of generating new business in a B2B environment.

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9:30 - 11:00 25 May
An interactive session about what it takes to be the “Lionel Messi” of sales in today’s world.

Please only join this session if you are truly interested to be the no. 1 is sales, thus willing to give whatever it takes!

Lahat and Daniel are fun men but when it comes to sales they are super serious as they only work with people who want to reach and succeed at the top of their (sales)game. The big question of course is; how do you get to the top and maybe more important, how do you stay there?

This program will answer that question by discussing the sales mindset, the latest sales strategies and practical tips that you can use to generate more (new) business.
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