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CASIO projectors from the new range operate for up to 15 years without needing to change the bulbs, and are also energy efficient.

Energy efficient, bright and practical – with the Casio projectors users receive a premium device, which is perfect for everyday business.




Green and durable



Environmental sustainability is now a high priority in offices. For good reason: unnecessary energy wastage costs companies around the world a lot of money. That’s why Casio has introduced the new Core range, so that employees can make environmentally friendly presentations. Until this point, quicksilver-free SSI (Solid State Illumination) projectors with laser LED light sources were exclusively found in the high-end sector due to their advanced technology. That’s why Casio has developed reasonably priced projectors in the new Core range, to make it possible for companies to have a lower cost entry point to quicksilver-free projection technology.


The Casio projectors have a luminosity of up to 5,000 ANSI lumens, and are used in a variety of business scenarios. They use up to 40 percent less energy than devices with a mercury-vapour lamp. The potential energy cost savings with a Casio projector can be estimated using the Casio cost calculator:


Casio achieves an attractive acquisition price and reduced overall operating costs (Total Cost of Ownership, TCO), and at the same time an increased luminosity of up to 5,000 ANSI lumens. This luminosity makes clear image projections possible, even in bright conditions such as in offices where the sun is shining through the window.


A pioneer of sustainability


The energy-efficient light source lasts around 20,000 hours, so around 15 years if we calculate a daily operation time of six hours and 220 business days per year. Within the same time frame other projectors require up to nine expensive new toxic mercury lamps. This means that Casio is the only projector manufacturer to fulfil the criteria of the Minamata Convention ten whole years before the deadline. In this convention, 128 countries have committed to drastically reducing or completely removing mercury from products by 2020.


Turn it on and get going


Energy efficient, bright and practical – with the Casio projectors users receive a premium device, which is perfect for everyday business: Anyone who has limited time in client presentations or suddenly realises they want to visually show results in meetings, can get going immediately. Warm-up and cool-down periods when the device is turned on and off are not necessary. Within just a couple of seconds the device achieves its full brightness and the presentation can start – even during daylight. And the integrated dust protection for the light source means that the Core range projectors can also be used in dusty environments.


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