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Bittnet’s main activity focuses on IT trainings and delivering end-to-end IT infrastructure services and solutions from market leaders like Cisco, Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, Oracle, etc.



Starting with 2015 the company’s shares are listed at the BSE on the AeRO market, with the trading symbol BNET, so we became a public company with mainly Romanian shareholders.



In our efforts to offer the optimal solution and the best learning experience to our customers, we decided to partner up with some of the most important IT companies on the market. Besides our “vendor authorized” type training centre partnerships with Cisco, Microsoft, IBM, VMware, Oracle, etc., we also partnered up with one of the most relevant company in the worldwide IT training industry: Global Knowledge. Also, since 2016 Bittnet is a member of the LLPA – Leading Learning Partner Association. All Members are well connected in the local subs of top IT vendors.



Bittnet is the IT training leader on the Romanian market and has the largest portfolio which contains more than 1500 courses. The core training portfolio is focused on Cisco, Microsoft, Microsoft Office, Amazon Web Services, Oracle, ITIL®, Linux, VMware, Citrix, IBM, RedHat, Adobe, Avaya, SonicWall, EMC, HP, Juniper, SAP, etc.



Driven by our customer-oriented attitude we offer to our clients a large variety of services dedicated towards achieving their goals. Bittnet’s engineers are prepared to help you achieve your business goals with the proper solution for your particular needs.



Each category of products has its specific type of services so you can easily choose the package of services that suits you best. Whether you just need support services for a specific equipment or a combination of multiple services, Bittnet’s team is flexible in helping you achieve the best possible outcome for you and your organization.



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