GameDev Academy

Video games: Career or Passion?

  • Date: 23 May
  • Hour: 19:00

How can I turn my passion of playing video games into a well paying job and get my parents and friends to respect my personal decision in this process? Apparently may seem a question without an answer but in depth there is a whole industry, bursting with career opportunities, waiting for you to explore.

We are gladly opening the gates of GameDev Academy, as part of Bucharest Tech Week, on 23rd May, for all the game dev enthusiasts, gamers, parents, wizards, fairies where we are planning to demystify the general misconception that video games are just an exciting way to spend ones’ time. How do we intend to do it?

1. We will talk about the career opportunities offered by the game development industry.

2. We will talk about the financial offers for almost each position offered within the game development industry.

3. We will talk about the utility of creating portfolios that should accompany the CVs when applying for jobs.

4. We will talk about how we have thriven and succeeded – based on the games we managed to develop – while working for Ubisoft and other game studios.

So, whether you are a student, parent, pupil, wizard or fairy, save this date, 23rd of May. The event “Video games: Career or Passion?” will start at 7 o’clock sharp. See you at GameDev Academy:!

About the speaker:

Andrei Istrate is one of the important promoters of game development in Romania. After more than 10 years spent in game developing, Andrei invested his time in upgrading the industry through projects like Romanian Game Developers Association (RGDA), #roindievan, Caravana DevPlay, Predau Viitor, Game LAB, GameDev Academy si GameDev Radio.

For any inquires about the event, please contact the event`s organizer.

Andrei Istrate

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