Academic Developer Evangelist


Dmitry Soshnikov, Senior Technical Evangelist at Microsoft, Associate Professor at MIPT, HSE and MAI Dmitry combines his work at Microsoft as Technical Evangelist with some teaching engagements at top universities in Russia, where he teaches courses on AI, Functional and Logic Programming.


As an evangelist, he spends a lot of his time making most innovative technologies popular among developers and students, by giving lectures, organizing and driving hackathons and doing actual development together with IT companies across Central and Eastern Europe. In his spare time, he likes doing some crazy projects in the field of digital arts and technological magic, teaching kids to program during youth camps, and giving Chinese


18 May

Machine Learning and Neural Networks for .NET Developers

Machine learning and AI play very important role in modern software development. However, most of the ML/AI tooling nowadays is centered around Python, which causes pain for most of the developers that are used to .NET ecosystem. In this talk, I will show how .NET developer can practice machine learning and deep learning using his favourite tools and languages.