Java Champion & Professor for Computer Science


Dierk works as Computer Science Professor at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Northwestern Switzerland.


He is founding Partner of Canoo Engineering AG, JavaOne Rockstar, Java Champion, and main author of the best-selling book “Groovy in Action”. He contributes to many open-source projects, including Frege (Haskell for the JVM), Groovy, Grails, GPars, and OpenDolphin.


12:00 - 12:45 Hands-On Labs Session
18 May - Java Summit

Polyglott Java - a platform for many paradigms

There are many ways to program - and all of them find a home on the JVM.
Whether you are a die-hard object-oriented enterprise programmer, a super-cool scripting hipster, or a scientific functional engineer, the Java Platform has all you need.

In this talk we will go through unconventional combinations of these paradigms that
enrich your solution space: scripting user-defined functions for a business application,
building ambitious user interfaces, and creating rock-solid transaction systems.
Java has something for everybody.