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Combining collective intelligence & information technology to boost intrapreneurship & social innovation

  • Date: 21 May
  • Hour: 18:30-20:00

Disruptive change and innovation, digital businesses, a new business paradigm are some of the most popular terms to describe the current business environment. Behind these trendy words, there is one key concept – the world and business are changing at incredible speeds – and companies need to change with them.

Change and innovation are not any nicer to have for a company – they’re mandatory. The business environment changes so rapidly, according to a Deloitte study, over 88% of the Fortune 500 companies from 1970, do not exist anymore. So the main question is – how can businesses change and keep on innovating?

Fostering intrapreneurship is one of the answers. But the big mistake would be to put too much faith on the innovator alone. According to Harvard professor Linda Hill: innovation is not about solo Genius, it is about collective genius. Thus, it’s only when these 2 trends collide that we can develop disruptive and sustainable solutions, that produce unprecedented levels of economic prosperity, environmental quality and social equity, meeting the needs of present society without compromising resources for future generations.

During this 1.5 hours event, participants will delve into the realm of intrapreneurship and social innovation and will learn how modern information technology applications have the potential to leverage collective genius to develop more balanced, feasible and intelligent solutions.

About the speaker:

Emanuele is the cofounder of Babele: a successful Intrapreneurship management platform, which supports sustainability projects from 143 countries to refine their strategy through engaging stakeholders and crowd-mentoring.Together with Ruxandra, other co-founder of Babele, they have trained over 500 social entrepreneurs in 15 countries. Emanuele is a lecturer for business incubators and accelerators in 3 countries and co-author of the book “crowdfunding for sustainable entrepreneurship and innovation”. Contact info:

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