Java Champion & Co-founder


Bruno starts coding in Machine Language on a Commodore Vic20 when he was 12 years old. He’s been coding in C since 1988 in his firs job and then in Java since 1996.


He developed distributed objects and large scale application for the enterprise using RMI, CORBA and J2EE. In 1999 he coaches one of the first group that adopts XP (eXtreme Programming) method in Italy.


In 2002 he has co-founder of Java User Group Torino, in 2005 he’s recognized as Java Champion. He has been promoting Java technologies as a speaker in Italy at developer conferences like Webbit, AgileDay, JavaConference, Javaday and in Europe at Devoxx, Jazoon and Geecon.


Now he settled in London and enjoys the weather.


10:45 - 11:30
18 May - Java Summit

Are you using an opensource library? There's a good chance you are vulnerable.

Do you remember Equifax? How did someone manage to steal the data of almost 200 million users in late 2017? Well, Equifax simply fell victim to a vulnerability on a framework, Struts, which is widely used in the industry, especially in financial institutions. It is a seasoned framework, but even the newest ones, used in modern microservices architectures, are affected by widely known vulnerabilities. After a clear introduction to the problem, with a couple of other illustrious examples, we will perform an exploit together, live, and then take a look at possible prevention strategies.

This talk will open your eyes to a problem you did not know you had: I recommend anybody, from C-level to developers, to attend this session, as you will learn:
► how a vulnerability can affect your product even if outside of your codebase
► how can be easily exploited to gain access to an underlying system or database
► how can you prevent being exposed