Ben Whitter is described as the World’s “Mr Employee Experience”™ and the ‘1# figure in employee experience around the World right now’. As the Founder of the World Employee Experience Institute, Ben operates globally at the forefront of the employee experience movement.


In 2017, Ben was officially named one of the World’s leading experts and influencers within employee engagement and one of the top 30 HR Influencers in the UK. His work featured in the Global Human Capital Trends Report 2017 by Deloitte University Press.


Ben also co-designed and delivered the first Employee Experience conferences in Europe, Asia, Israel, and Australia. In 2017-18, Ben is leading an employee experience world tour, which sees him deliver talks and masterclasses in over 12 countries worldwide.


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09:45 - 10:30
16 May - HR Masters Summit

The Employee Experience - Creating Organisations Where People Belong, Find Meaning, and Co-create Astonishing Human Achievements

Employee experience (EX) is the sum of all employee interactions with an organisation – everything from pre-hire to retire. It is the intentional design of a compelling experience for employees in work. In this session, we will explore how and why employee experience is delivering stand-out results for organisations, and how it is transforming the World of work including HR and other employee-facing functions.

EX is the #1 workplace trend in 2018. As an approach, it continues to challenge the way HR and businesses progress and achieve engagement and business outcomes. The question is: how can we really define, design and deliver a remarkable workplace experience with the resources and circumstances that we have? How do we get started with EX? How do we re-engineer the role of HR within this broader EX movement?

We’ll answer these questions and many more as we delve deeper into ‘experience’ of work.

Key Takeaways:
► Build your awareness of what EX is and learn the key steps to get started with EX in your organisation and context
► Understand some of the “impossible” results being delivered through an EX approach and how you can apply these insights to your workplace
► Discover the absolute fundamentals of EX from one of the leading figures in the EX field worldwide and immediately use the lens of ‘experience’ to identify opportunities to transform your processes, practices, and organisation as a whole