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Balance between Manual & Automated testing

  • Date: 24 May
  • Hour: 18:30-20:30

The beginning of every project is that delicate moment when you decide how much you invest and in what directions. Put the right amount of each ingredient and your project will be successful, blend wrong quantities and you will loose efficiency.

What is the correct balance between Manual and Automated testing in a project? When to choose one over the other? Why invest less and harvest more? What is the correct level of detail for automated testing? How much should I invest and what is the benefit? What tools should I use, open source vs licensed? What is the correct balance which increases the profits?

We invite you to join us to this first event where we will start exploring these questions. It will be an open debate based on two presentations “Balance between Manual & automated Testing” and “Selenium automates browsers.
That’s it! ” . The event is organized in partnership with Bucharest Technology Week and aims to increase the use of technology in a delicate job like software testing.

The entry ticket is your business card, for all the rest participation is free but please send us a confirmation to so we can make sure that we have enough seats available. Looking forward to see you !

If you have any inquires about the event, please ask the event`s organizer.

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