NOD makerspace

We Make 3D!

  • Date: 21 May
  • Hour: 10:00-18:00

In a world where innovation is one of the main paths towards development, 3D printing technology plays a very important role.
The development of products centralized around the customer’s needs, but also the very fast workflow are made possible with the help of 3D printing technology.
Come discover 3D printing technology and meet its fields specialists who will guide you towards developing your business.
A 3 dimensional day in which we will showcase the latest 3D printing equipment, you’ll be part of 3D printing workshops and you’ll learn how to optimise your business.

Free entrance!

Nod makerspace is a dynamic ecosystem for any creative mind, anyone who thinks business in a creative way – they can find a community in which they can work and thrive. Nod makerspace works both as a makerspace, with wood & metal workshops, a co-working space, private studios, and event spaces.

For any inquiries about the event, please ask the event`s organizer.

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