Chief Customer


Guido Helmerhorst connects the dots; in his role as Chief Customer at Warp Industries he helps to reach business objectives while maximizing (employee) experience and engagement. He is on a mission to release the power of Real Virtual Reality on training and development for high impact and scalable learning experiences.


Within Air France – KLM Guido was and is the initiator, (co)creator and (creative) director of various meaningful experiences in areas ranging from Human Resources, safety, employee mobility, collaboration, training and operational management.


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10:30 - 11:15
16 May - HR Masters Summit

Making learning personal: happier workforce, better results

Disruption in the Learning & Development / training workfield is around the corner. Your customers/employees are asking and expecting and technology is providing: removing the boundaries of time, place and situations. It is now possible to train in real situations without being there. Imagine the employee and business impact of that...

Key Takeaways
► how can you utilize continuous learning: a corporate perspective
► lets fix it: the way we learn through technology is broken
► increase effectiveness: lets squeeze the Kirkpatrick-Phillips model
► removing the boundaries of technology
► DIY: increase training capacity virtually
► DIY: create compelling VR training fast