We crafted a one-week festival across the city to celebrate the power of technology dedicated to tech lovers of all ages, whether they are students, business professionals or entrepreneurs.

Now, at its third edition, the mission of Bucharest Technology Week is to encourage innovation and the adoption of new technologies.

As part of this movement, Business Summits consist of 5 conferences hosting 50+ international & local speakers, discussing tech related topics.

Meet the brightest tech leaders

3 reasons to attend Business Summits

Inspiring Keynotes

Business Summits bring you guest speakers to share their cutting-edge perspectives you can`t get in a Google search in the areas of innovation, dev, fintech and human resources.

Smart Networking

The event is the ultimate meeting place for business executives, tech founders & innovators designed to build partnerships and build the future of business environment.

Exhibiting Companies

The leading companies in Romania come to Business Summits to share their stories and experiences at the indoor exhibition, to help you find how to drive your business growth.

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Watch the video to relive the 2017 edition