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Zucchetti Group is the enterprise software application’s italian leader, with more than 365 mln euro turnover and more than 100.000 customers.



GlobalSal is the IT solution offered by Zucchetti by means of which employees’ payroll are processed and calculated. Besides the calculation of the payroll, of the obligations and the generation of the statements, GlobalSal also manages the staff reports of the company.

This software can be implemented in any type of company, being easily customizable, based on modern technology and on multiple calculation automatizations.

GlobalSal can be used both as a stand-alone solution, and integrated with the other Zucchetti Romania applications.

Using GlobalSal allows you to save time, reduce costs and remove the errors when processing and calculating the payroll, the result being the increase of the work productivity.



ZScheduling is the rostering sofware that improves business productivity and management audit through a rational and consistent organization of shifts, reduction of overtime and availability, time and money saving, because:

● it attributes workloads in a functional way;

● it reduces shifts time and errors processing;

● it prevent delays and disruptions;

● it allows to always have a complete view of the business.



ZTimesheet is the job costing solution that allows identifying the working hours of the personnel and assigning them by projects, job orders and customers in order to precisely and easily control their profitability.


ZTimesheet is the ideal solution for companies that need a tool for:

● evaluating the profitability of each project/job order/customer;

● planning and monitoring the activities of the involved resources;

reducing the time of administrative management;

supplying the management with the necessary information in order to take the best decisions in the shortest time possible.

Completely web based and within workflow logic, ZTimesheet is the job costing solution that allows all the company sectors and the persons involved in the process to always have at their disposal in real time all the data and information necessary for the performance of the activity.



Developed with “.net” technology, the PTM system represents the ideal solution for the automation of the time and attendance management processes when it is integrated with Zucchetti Axess terminals, being also a precise management solution of employee’s worked hours.

Due to its configuration parameters, PTM time and attendance management represents the solution that meets the requirements of any type of complex organizations, such as banks, hospitals, public or municipal institutions, which have up to thousands of employees.

It  reduces personnel management costs.



Time and attendance management web is a totally web based solution for managing employee’s attendance, which can be accessed from anywhere through any type of Internet/Intranet connection and that allows managing the attendance in an optimal manner even in the companies/institutions with decentralized functions, therefore with several headquarters, branches, stores and work sites all over the territory. The solution truly allows branches to manage the attendance via web in full autonomy, without the actual branch having to install the software.



Workflow consists of several modules that address specific applications and requirements. The time and attendance module allows company authorized employees to enter missing approvals, justifications (holidays, days off, etc.) and to view time sheets.

The holiday plan module allows the employees to plan their own holiday or days off and to request appropriate authorizations.

The Workflow monitor module allows employees to analyse their own yearly and monthly situation regarding passed and future absences.



PAYOUT PAYROLL OUTSOURCING is the result of a partnership between the Zucchetti Group, one of the European leaders in ICT and Boscolo & Partners, a reliable provider in the financial field, a member of Crowe Horwath International. Payout is now a solid partner for the management of over 8000 employees of its client companies.

While always being a trustworthy strategic partner as far as the Human Resources segment is concerned, Payout Payroll Outsourcing offers outsourcing services by means of which you can relieve the whole range of operating, administrative technical and bureaucratic activities.

We are the best in human resources services, as follows: payroll and personnel administration, recruitment, selection and consultancy.

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